A Toddlers Daycare - When you teach children early, you form successful adults.

reading together at the Toddlers  Daycare

painting at the Daycare 


The Toddlers Daycare -NY is currently using
the Creative Curriculum Program.

The program at the Toddlers Daycare promotes thinking and active learning through hands on individual and
group activities.  The daycare uses developmental
and age appropriate materials.

 Activities at The Toddlers Daycare: painting, play-do coloring, alphabet and numbers bingo, musical instruments, block play, free play. outside play, neighborhood walks when the weather permits.

The daycare serves nutritional meals to teach the children and parents healthy eating habits.

alphabet- A Toddlers  Daycareblock play at the Daycare                                                                                       

animated bear music A Toddlers  Daycare


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